Jeopardy has a new champion. Millions of people tuned in last week to watch Watson, a new super computer beat two former human Jeopardy champions. One of the human champions Ken Jennings stated that Watson was a lot like the top ranked human Jeopardy contestants, “It’s very smart, very fast, speaks in an uneven monotone, and has never known the touch of a woman.”
Watson is a very innovative computer comprising aspects of voice recognition, speech and the ability to recall an amazing amount of information (To see why Watson is not going to make you obsolete Click Here). It is really amazing to see what this tool can do. It will soon be put to work in the medical industry.

It is not the fact that Watson is an innovative product that caught my attention, rather it was how a computer of this nature could help all of us innovate better. When Edison worked on an issue he would do as much research as he could on the subject. He had large libraries at home and at the laboratory. Think how laborious his approach was, digging through books that may or may not apply to his area of focus and then looking for an insight that he could apply in a new way. Now, with the help of tools such as Watson, we can access and sort though terabytes of information almost instantaneously.

Such rapid research can help each of us in the areas in which we work.  Edison was a master at taking a project someone else had started, but could not complete, and then finding the way to finish it. He would take an idea past the point where others were stuck and push the idea to completion. If we are willing to take the time, we can look and see what others have started and springboard from their ideas to new and even better innovations. Or we can take an idea and apply it in a new area. With all the information that is now available, the possibilities are truly limitless.


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