Apple has become one of the most innovative companies around. Their products such as the iPod, iPhone and the iPad led the way into new areas. But not every product Apple has produced has been a success. Before all of these other successful products was an unsuccessful product, the Apple Newton.

Apple's Newton and an iPhone

The Newton products were the first PDAs (Personal Data Assistant) and tablet computers. If you look at what the Newton could do it is very similar to the PDAs, smartphones and tablet computers of today. But in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Newtons never took off and were never successful products. The question is why did the Newton not succeed when similar products have succeeded since?

The answer may be that Apple tried to skip steps of innovation that are difficult if not impossible to skip. These steps occur in two areas, the technology and the marketplace. The following video explains this principle very well in asking the question, “Why don’t we have flying cars?” After viewing the video ask yourself, “How is this principle at play as I try to innovate?”