The other night I was going through my iPod thumbing around for some music to listen to. We believe that music can have an impact on creativity, so I was looking to be a little more creative. The song I landed on revived a memory of a time in college when I was studying a lot of different things and introducing myself to new ideas.

I can remember learning a little about a lot of things:  a little English, a little math, some history,  and a touch of philosophy. I even took a ballroom dance class one semester.  A friend of mine talked me into taking it.  The ratio in the class was 4 boys to around 20 girls; it was a fun class. Of course, the only thing I may have learned in that class was that I’ll never win Dancing with the Stars, but maybe it was good just to learn something new. I’m afraid that as we all get older and get deeper into our area of expertise, it’s easy to stop expanding our knowledge. It is only natural that we want to excel in our chosen field, but what are we missing if we don’t continue to broaden our horizons?

Creativity is often taking pieces that already exist and putting them together in new ways. This creativity is often a key step to an innovation. But what happens if we stop putting new information pieces in our head? If we don’t keep putting new pieces in our heads then when the time comes, we may not have what we need to be creative or innovative.

So spend some time in a new area and expand your possibilities. It will help you be more creative and you never know what will happen. You may even find that you like something new, like ballroom dancing.