3-D is one of today’s big buzz words.  3-D products are at the cutting edge of innovation.  In today’s blog we’ll show you a revolutionary product, the 3-D Printer, and you don’t need special glasses to use it.  It is truly innovative in two important ways.  First, it takes what was once science fiction and turns it into reality, as you will see.  Second, using this product will enhance the work of many innovators.  If you haven’t heard or thought about this product you will find it to be truly amazing.  In many ways it works like an ink printer, but instead of laying down a single layer of ink, it lays down multiple layers of materials.  Many different types of materials can be used with the 3-D printer, including plastics, metal, wood and ceramics.  Here is a video example using the printer to create ceramic products.

Imagine, in the future, instead of children bringing  home a handmade cup or paperweight from school , they will design it on the computer, print it and then bring it home.  When I was first introduced to this product a few years ago I was astonished by the possibilities.  Our company considered using it to make a miniature model of our product to show to a potential client.   At that time the process was very expensive, so we finally decided not to order one.  Now the technology has taken another step and you can buy a personal 3-D printer.  It may still be expensive for home use, but the time is probably coming when you will print 3-D objects at home. Here is an example of a personal 3-D printer. 

Our purpose for talking about this remarkable product is two-fold.  First, if you aren’t familiar with this technology or haven’t looked at it for a while, you may decide it could be a tool that can help in your innovation.  Second, we want to remind all of us to be on the lookout for new tools that can help us in our work.  Technology changes rapidly, and while you may be on the cutting edge in your field, what’s going on in other fields?  Take a look around you and I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

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