In the last blog entry we talked a little about innovation and time. In this one I would like to address innovation in space, not outer space but the space where we innovate. Being in an environment that is conducive to innovation may make all the difference in reaching our goal.

Edison was a master at creating an environment where innovation could occur. Not just his own personal innovation, but innovation by his team. Here are a few things we learn from what Edison did to create space for innovation.

1. Create an “Area for Innovation”. Edison created one of the first R&D laboratories. He had a different area for each of the his innovation disciplines.  An area for sound, a place for movies, a chemical lab and so forth. Make sure you have an area conducive for you or your team to innovate.

2. Make sure the right Resources are available for innovation. Edison had a supply room with an amazing amount of material for experiments. It was said that if you got snowed in at the lab you could go into the supply room and find something to eat, as well as anything else you might need. Edison also had an extensive library for research. Make sure your team has what they need to innovate. Not just the bare essentials, but resources to expand the possibilities.

3. Create a Fun environment where creativity can flow. At one time Edison had an organ where they gathered around to sing. He also had a bear for amusement. Now those things may not be what are necessary in this century, but do you have a place where people want to work and create? Edison said, “the worst thinking is done in turmoil.” So, create a place where everyone can be innovative.

If you are having trouble innovating look around you. Look at the space you are in and see if you can create a better environment for creativity and innovation. Put yourself in a better place and good things will happen.