Thomas Edison was the most successful innovator in history.  His records are filled with ideas about how to succeed as an innovator.  Quite a few of our blog posts are based on his ideas.  As many of you know, we have been writing these blogs for about two years.  While you have been reading our posts, we’ve been watching the items on the blog that draw the most attention.  Quotations from Thomas Edison are among the front runners.  Because these ideas of Edison are scattered throughout more than 100 blog posts, they are a little hard to find.

To make it easier, we’ve written a short E-book filled with quotes from Thomas Edison.  Our original intent was to offer the book for free through Amazon Kindle.  However, that idea was not attractive to Amazon, so instead we are releasing the book today for their minimum price of 99 cents.  We think you will find it inspirational and insightful.  It isn’t long, but it is filled with suggestions about how to improve your innovation skills.  The quotations cover a wide variety of Edison’s thoughts on a myriad of subjects.  We’ve organized the book around principles Edison used along the road he followed on the way to his remarkable successes in innovation. 

You can find it at: Click Here