Sometimes we look at a product or process and think, “that’s pretty good, I don’t think it can be improved. After all, it’s been done that way a long time and is convenient as it is.” There is, of course, another point of view. Today, I want to show you two familiar products and a well-known service that are still being innovated. Hopefully, after you look at these you will look around and see other products or services that need more innovation.

First, who would have thought that a faucet could be innovated? Well, as you may have already seen, they have been.

Second, innovation of the light bulb did not end with Edison. As this article shows there is still room for innovation in the production and distribution of light bulbs. To learn more Click here.

And finally the number 911 has saved countless lives and now it will even be better. To read about this Click here.

So look around and see what you can innovate. You may be able to find something to improve where you least expect it, and often it is the unexpected innovations that make all the difference.

This blog was originally posted August 16, 2011.