There are a lot of great ideas out there that are incomplete.  Some inventors have given up.  Some do not realize what they have.  Others enjoy inventing, but do not know how or they do not want to take an idea all the way to market.  Edison stated that, “I start where the last man left off.”  This does not just mean completing an idea or innovation that someone else has started, but it also means taking a new product or process to a new place.

We have talked in previous blogs about the amazing advancements in 3D printing (Click here and here).  Eventually people will be able to create, or print, many different kinds of products or parts in plastics and metals.  It is an exciting time as we move from the theory to reality.  Innovators are taking the idea of 3D printing and, starting were others have left off, making new things.  They have even been able to save the life of a child.

Kaiba Gionfriddo was six weeks old when he developed severe breathing problems.  While in the hospital CPR was administered to him daily.  What was needed was a custom splint to keep his airway open.  Using the dimensions from a CAT scan of Kaiba’s throat, scientists printed a custom splint with a substance that will eventually degrade after the body heals.  This was gently inserted in the child’s throat.  Now, almost a year and half after surgery, Kaiba is doing well and breathing on his own. (Read more here)

So, look around and see if there is something already out there that can help in your innovation.  You might find the key to success, and who knows you might even be able to save a life