Every two years, rotating between spring and summer, the world celebrates the greatness of sport in the Olympics Games. In each event we are shown examples of 1) Hard Work, 2) Perseverance, 3) Determination and 4) Achievement. These four ingredients are not just important in winning a medal but also in being successful in innovation.

We have previously shown this presentation by Peter Vidmar, winner of two gold medals and a silver medal in gymnastics in 1984, because it is an example of how we can learn about innovation everywhere, even in the Olympics. Mr. Vidmar talks about change and innovation in his sport. The principle he addresses applies no matter what you are trying to innovate.

So, while you sit on your couch and watch the Olympics, or anything else, look for lessons in innovation. You may not win a gold medal in the Olympics, but you will find yourself on top of the podium in innovation.