For several generations, possibly always, people have thought that their world is the most modern of all time.  They see the changes around them and think the world the live in is better than what came before them.

In our day, we see technological innovation as the driving force of progress, but there are many other areas where important innovations takes place.  Today I want to introduce you to one, baby soap. Soap is about as far away from tech as I could think of, but still can be a very innovative area. Innovation happens at Apple or Google and changes our lives for the better.  But, significant improvements also occur far from the electronics industries.

When we talk to people about being innovative, they often say they want to make an app or work with the engineering or IT departments. While these are often excellent ideas, sometimes we can find innovation closer to home, like maybe better soap.

Take a look at this commercial about soap and see how what appears to be a simple non-technical innovation can be very powerful in the life of an individual. Plus, it is an interesting “old” commercial that would have seemed very modern at the time.  So keep looking for inspiration for innovation, it could be anywhere, even when you do your wash.