If you have spent much time on this blog you will remember a number of entries that revolve around 3-D Printing.  This innovation is the trunk of a tree of innovation that is leading to a number of different innovations. Today I want to introduce you to two branches of innovation that come from being able to print solid objects.

First is an article about how education is being changed by 3-D scanning. How your children and grandchildren learn will be greatly enhanced by this innovation (Click Here).

3D EngineSecond is a video about how new jet engines are built with metal parts that are printed. These parts would be very difficult if not impossible to create any other way than printing them (Click Here). This video also has a hidden reference to Thomas Edison.  See if you can find it.

So ask yourself these questions: “Is the solution to my innovation out there in another innovation?” and “Can my innovation be enhanced by looking at it in 3-D?” The future of your innovation may be out there right now, all you have to do is find it.