Almost everyone you meet says they are busy. Have you ever been in a meeting and heard someone say, “I am not very busy. I could take another assignment.” If you have, they probably only said it once. In today’s world being busy has become a way of life, a badge of honor, and unfortunately, a roadblock to innovation.

Being busy and getting things done can give you a rush as you complete your tasks and quickly move to the next one. There are two things that you must make time for to succeed at innovation. You may not feel busy while doing them, but they may be the best use of your time in your quest for innovation.

1. Take time to create. When we work with people, we help them evaluate what they lack to become more innovative. Taking time to be creative is one of the most important things they are missing. We suggest that you take time to become involved in creative activities and take time to be creative with your innovation.

2. Take time to fail. Edison and other great innovators had more failures than successes. What made the difference was they knew that the road to success is paved with the bricks of failure. Make sure to take the time to make mistakes. Learn from them and keep moving forward.

So, fight the need to be busy and find the time to be what is really important. It may be just what you need to find success with your innovation.

This blog was originally posted January 10, 2014.