What is innovation? What is creativity? What is just a new idea? In our blog and our other activities we do not define these terms as much as explore them.  But words do have meanings and innovation is used a lot, especially in commercials. It has become a synonym for new and exciting. While innovations are often new and exciting, redoing old things in a new package is not innovation. Sometimes it is not even very creative.

Taco Bell and InnovationRecently, I ran across an article that caused me to think about the word innovation.   It contained an entire section on food innovation. It was titled, Taco Bell to Add Breakfast Biscuits in Bid for Morning Sales. As I first read this, I thought this is not a proper use of the word innovation. But then I reconsidered.  Some of the ideas in the article were very creative and  did result in new products. While they may not be revolutionary, they were creative and possibly innovations. But the real question in this area may not be are they innovative, but rather, “How do they taste?” If they are delicious then they may have success, if they are not they will probably be failures. They do not have to be innovative to be successful.

So as you work toward innovation, be creative, be new and be resourceful. Keep an eye out for new ideas and innovations that inspire you. Who knows you may even find one at lunch.