Innovative ideas are often shot down in their infancy. The ideas behind successful organizations such as FedEx, Amazon, Dyson vacuums and countless others were received with skepticism and sometimes contempt. Why are good ideas shot down? Why do otherwise great leaders not see that the solution to the problem is right in front of them? Why can’t some people even see or understand the problem?

It is difficult to understand completely how opportunities are missed, but one of the key ingredients is the ability to have a vision of the future. Successful innovators have an ability to almost see into the future and are able to map out a rough outline from beginning to end. They recognize that the concept they start will be refined, polished, changed and possibly even reborn into a new idea before it reaches the finished product. They can see beyond the ugly stage of doubt in the product or idea, beyond the hard work necessary to take the idea to completion and beyond the fear of failure. This vision of the future motivates them through the difficulties and inspires others to join the trip to successful innovation.

If your innovation has stalled out, take a look at your vision. Can you see the better future that your idea will provide? If not, spend some time in your imagination and find what can be, and then head for that destination. It could make all the difference. (See the video below for a little inspiration)