What if I told you that you can make your dreams come true? What if I told you that your fantasies can become realities? Would you believe it? Do you believe that others, like Edison, can do it?

The history of innovation is taking thoughts and dreams and turning them into reality. Innovation begins with a dream, then a vision of a different future. Many people have dreams, some have a vision of the future, but few can take this vision and turn it into a reality. Some dreams can come true in a short period of time; others take longer. Edison dreamed of electric cars, he was able to get his dream started, and others are turning it into reality today.

In the video below, we learn about a dream discovered in a movie that is being turned into reality today. A young man dreamed of flying as a a kid, and now he is doing it. So keep dreaming and working. If you keep at it, your dreams can come true.

This blog was originally posted September 4, 2014.