Edison Working on InnovationSix years ago this week we began blogging about innovation.  I was not even sure at the time if we would write six posts, but six years later we are going strong.  I reflected this week on what I have learned from working on the blog over the past six years.

  1. People want to learn about goals and be more like Edison.  Our most visited post is a blog titled “Edison: Goals and Resolutions.”  This post was posted December 28, 2010, but lives on in Google searches.  Most often people are looking for a combination of “Edison” and “goals.”  It is almost always our second most visited post in any given week, after our most current post.  Goals are essential in innovation and often a driving force in all success.
  2. I may learn learn more from writing the blog than others get out of it.  I often find new concepts that I use as I try to innovate, or as I teach others about innovation.  This fits in with Edison’s quote, “In regard to things I have never seen before, I would rather examine something myself for even a brief moment rather than listen to somebody tell me about it for two hours.”  That being said reading about innovation helps us keep it in our minds so we can be innovative when the opportunity arises.
  3. Innovation requires patience.  In our world that requires instant gratification and showing results in a quarterly report, being patient is a difficult concept to apply, but it can make all the difference.   When I try to write a blog or do another creative endeavor I often have a deadline, but this deadline may hinder my own creative abilities.  I have learned that I need to be patient and allow the creative process to take its course. See the blog “Creative Patience.”
  4. Innovation is fun. In studying innovators and working with innovators they all enjoy what they are doing.  This enjoyment helps fuel the passion necessary for success.  The saying is true do what you love and you will never work a day in your life, or as Edison put it, “I never did a day’s work in my life, it was all fun.”

We appreciate that people take the time to read and apply the ideas that we put in the blog.  Please feel free to continue to let us know if you like what you see and any ideas that you have for improvement.  Keep working on innovation and see what a difference you can make.  We will continue to give ideas to help you be successful in your endeavors.