I can remember when I was a child seeing the home of the future. It had a number of cool electronic and other advances that seemed exciting and straight out of science fiction. In 1957 Disneyland had a home of the future in Tomorrowland that was unlike anything anyone was living in at the time (To see the home click here). We have been fascinated for a long time with how technology and innovation would change how we live at home.

So where are the homes of the future? Did the projected home of the future from six decades ago ever come to pass? Looking back it was easy to think that one day we would purchase a home that looked like a UFO and had all of these wonderful advances. In reality the changes happened slowly. Ideas that were very exciting, were not necessarily practical. Products that seemed innovative, sometimes are just different or are not accepted by consumers.

But looking back, the current home that I live in is starting to have a lot in common with that home of the future. The home environment is changing slowly. Patience is not a word often associated with innovation, but sometimes innovations cause immediate change, other times it can take much longer. Learning to understand the timing of our innovation may be what we need to find success.

Take a look at the following video to see some of the new technologies for a home or apartment, some of which were not even imagined in 1957. Sometimes the reality of the future can be better than the dream of the future.

This blog was originally posted June 19, 2015