1. Cultivate a sense of wonder. Thomas Edison said, “You cannot put a price on the knowledge gained by children when they are allowed to see something with their own eyes, such as a cocoon breaking open and a butterfly emerging.”

Encourage team members to keep track of moments of wonder and report back from time to time. For example one person reported getting up to get a child a drink in the middle of the night and becoming lightheaded on the way. Quickly reaching for a handrail on the stairs, she waited for blood flow to normalize her balance, etc. On the way back from the kitchen, she had a moment of wonder: How did the designers of handrails know just where to put the handrail to make it so easy to find? She Googled it and found many interesting answers about the design of handrails. A simple thing, but feeding your sense of wonder, a sixth sense of sorts, can lead to many creative and innovative thoughts.

2. More on wonder. At a recent Edison event, I sat with a geologist who told me about tectonic plates. I was fascinated by the discussion. I’m now beginning to study tectonic plates and learning how the earth has left clues about many things within its folds. Wonder leads to asking thought provoking questions which often lead to creative ideas that can lead to remarkable innovation. So we suggest it again—cultivate a sense of wonder, personally and in your team and share it.

3. Ask others to read the Edison and Innovation Blog post: 10 Activities to Help You Become More Creative and Innovative.

4. Seek out problems that need solving. Give your team the opportunity to discuss work problems that need to be solved that will make the team, the division or the company more effective and positively affect the bottom line. This can be done by giving an assignment ahead of time to bring ideas to future a team meeting. Or, it can be done spontaneously in a brainstorming session.

5. Send members of your team to the Edison Event presented by Norwell Consulting at West Orange, NJ. To learn more about the Edison Event go to:


More ideas about how to help others become more creative and innovative will follow in future blogs.