Innovation Thoughts of Thomas A. Edison

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Thomas Edison was the greatest innovator of all time.  His thoughts on innovation provide insights into his methods of innovating.  This book is centered on thoughts from Edison that will help the aspiring innovator improve his work.  The quotations are both instructive and inspirational.  They cover a variety of innovation topics which is certain to add depth to any reader’s understanding of the processes of innovation.  From his first encounters with innovation as a child to the sage wisdom developed through many long years of innovation success, Thomas Edison left behind a treasure trove of insights to stimulate our imagination and creativity.  We believe his thoughts will inspire and move the serious reader to action and improved innovation success. 


The Five-Minute Rule

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“It couldn’t be a blizzard this late in March, thought the young man, but it seemed like one to him as he made his way across the snow encrusted lawn, pushing himself hard against the icy, howling wind.  It was dark, it was cold, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to be there.  But he didn’t have anywhere else to go.  On one of the bleakest days of his life, he needed to talk with someone who wouldn’t just tell him he’d made some serious mistakes.  He already knew that.  What he needed was a friend, someone who would give him hope, but also someone wise enough to help him set a new course….”


And so the story of the Five-Minute Rule begins. Based on real life experiences, The Five-Minute Rule addresses common challenges in a unique way.

The Five-Minute Rule will help you:

1. Deepen connections with those who matter most
2. Make a difference while you’re making a living
3. Shape the future by making the most of the present
4. Engage your heart, mind, and body in all you do

This book will awaken your sense of noble purpose and stir your emotions into positive, meaningful ACTION! It’s not what you know, it’s what you DO about what you know that counts!