Introduction to The Edison Event

Thomas A. Edison

Those who attend an Edison Event will benefit greatly from an increased understanding of Edison’s innovation principles and practices.  Thomas Edison is widely considered to be the most successful and effective innovator in history.  Norwell’s extensive research into the lives and practices of more than 125 other successful innovators has reaffirmed Edison’s preeminence.

All sessions are designed using Immersion Learning principles.  In the Immersion Learning activities, participants are deeply immersed into the learning experience.  As a result, they remember what they learn for a much longer period than through traditional learning methods.  Longer retention results in their being able to apply these principles for a longer period of time.  As a result, the principles will more readily become established patterns of behavior.

Discover Proven Innovation Principles

During the Event participants will become immersed in numerous innovation principles developed by Edison and practiced by most successful innovators today. For example:

Principle:All successful innovators are leaders (but, not all leaders are innovators).

Applied Learning: Discover effective innovation leadership traits and how to develop them.

Principle: Innovators’ personality types strongly influence innovation success.

Applied Learning: Determine the most successful innovation personality types and why?

Principle:The ability to select theright people is critical to successful innovation.

Applied Learning: Learn to incorporate best methods of selecting innovators and their teams.

Format: Three-Day Event

•Discussions with many experts on Edison and Innovation
•Multiple presentations by Dr. Paul Israel – Dir. Edison Papers Project, Rutgers University
•Dialogue sessions with other participants
•Time allowed for personal reflection
•Includes accommodations and meals

Become Better Innovators

On a personal level, participants will be engaged in many activities to encourage them to develop their own innovative skills.  Some of these include:

  1. Opening up imagination
  2. Seeing solutions others cannot see
  3. Tapping into your creative side

Location: West Orange, NJ

•Accommodations at the luxurious Pleasantdale Château.
•Carefully designed visits to Edison’s home, workshop and factory

The Pleasentdale Château

The Pleasentdale Château


Comments from Participants

“This has been an almost unbelievable experience.  I will never be the same.  Thank you.” –CEO

“I told my wife on the phone just now that she needs to clear her calendar for the weekend.  We will have a lot to talk about.”  –Marketing Manager

“I had a life altering experience.”  –R&D Manager

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