We are available for keynote addresses and more detailed presentations.  As an organization focused on innovation, we have prepared three dynamic presentations, each one taking a different look at the processes of successful innovation.  The subjects are “Thomas Edison and Innovation,” “Total Innovation” and “Leading Innovation.”  These presentations have been developed from our extensive studyof the life of Thomas Edison and from our detailed research into the lives of more than 100 eminently successful innovators. 

Thomas Edison and Innovation
Thomas Edison, the most productive innovator in history, is featured in this informative and useful presentation.  Participants will learn the step-by-step processes Edison used as he successfully pursued his many historic innovations.  The light bulb, electric power generation, the recording industry, motion pictures and the first R&D laboratory are only a few of his inventions.   Participants in this presentation will learn the principles that guided his success and how they can be applied professionally and personally.   

Total Innovation
Based on careful research of more than 100 of the best known and successful innovators, our presentations are filled with principles never before discovered let alone presented to the public. We answer questions like:  Are there challenges to successful innovation that all of these innovators faced?  What did they do to meet these challenges?  Are there steps that every successful innovator followed?  Can I adopt or adapt those steps to what I am doing?  The best answers to these questions are only found in our discussion about Total Innovation. 

Leading Innovation
“All successful innovators are leaders but not all leaders are innovators.”  This significant statement guides the presentation on Leading Innovation.  Knowing the distinction between leadership and innovation is a key to being able to lead innovation.  Thomas Edison was both an innovator and a leader.  In our research of more than 100 other successful innovators, we learned about the many approaches of innovation and also the individual methods these innovators used to lead their people toward a successful innovation.  Leaders who attend this presentation will learn leadership principles that will strengthen their ability to lead innovation in their organizations. 

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